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Anti-Corruption Policy Statement

Apex Healthcare Berhad ("AHB") is committed to conduct business in accordance with high ethical standards, integrity and accountability.

AHB adopts a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of corruption by its Board of Directors, Management, employees or any parties acting for AHB or on its behalf. The Board of Directors and Management at all levels of AHB strive to demonstrate through their deliverables, actions, and behaviour, the importance of integrity and ethical values in support of the policy.

Policy and Procedures
In recognition of this commitment, the Board of Directors and Management of AHB have implemented and enforced a comprehensive anti-corruption program which are guided by the Guidelines on Adequate Procedures pursuant to subsection (5) of section 17A of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 ("MACC Act 2009"), as stated in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Amendment) Act 2018 ("MACC Amendment Act 2018") to prevent, deter, and monitor bribery and corruption in AHB's business activities to ensure:
  • The Anti-Corruption Policy provides guidance to its Board of Directors, Management and employees concerning how to deal with improper solicitation, bribery and other corrupt activities and issues that may arise in the course of business.
  • All suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, agents, representatives and others performing work or services for or on behalf of AHB comply with the relevant parts of the Anti-Corruption Policy when performing such work or services.
  • The Board of Directors, Management, employees or any parties acting for or on behalf of AHB are strictly prohibited from directly or indirectly soliciting, accepting or offering bribes in relation to AHB's businesses and operations.
Reporting Channel
AHB provides avenues for its Board of Directors, Management, employees, any parties acting for and on behalf of AHB and members of the public to make reports on any improper conduct within AHB, which is governed by the AHB Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure. The identity of the informants will be held in strict confidentiality.

AHB will take stern disciplinary action against employees and terminate business transaction with any party found in breach of the Anti-Corruption Policy.

The Anti-Corruption Policy is reviewed periodically to assess its effectiveness, and in any event, at least once every 3 years.

The Board of Directors
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