Apex Healthcare Berhad


Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct springs from the 3 Core Tenets on which Apex Healthcare Berhad ("AHB") was founded in 1962:


We hold that conduct rooted in our Core Tenets will give no person grounds to think ill of us. Our Core Tenets are timeless, and in more than 50 years since our founding, we have never seen any need to change the foundations of our thinking.

We have started as we mean to continue, and are fortunate that our 3 Core Tenets were wisely chosen at the outset. We do not change slogans every few years to generate and sustain interest. Anyone who joins the AHB Group should and will know that they are part of a well established tradition of Service, Quality and Integrity that defines Apex.

Our Code of Conduct is a code which the Company and the Group live by. Underlying it are principles that also should apply to how all of us conduct ourselves, even when not at work. We have tried to write it in such a way that it is useful and helpful for all. We have done our best to make a Code of Conduct which is personal, easily remembered and stands for the high ideals that the Group is built on.

We want these tenets and the conduct that spring from them to be personal, applicable and valuable on a daily basis at work and even outside work. A good code of conduct should inspire positive actions and thoughts and we see our three Core Tenets driving the thoughts, conduct, attitude in the expressed words and actions of each staff.

Our Code of Conduct should not be a dry book of rules and regulations which are followed to the letter but without spirit. We do not want our Code of Conduct to be a list of things we shouldn’t do, or “thou shalt nots”. So here we express positively what we consider each of our 3 Core Tenets mean in terms of our conduct.

When we think of Service, we think of meeting the needs and expectations of Customers to the best of our ability. Who are our Customers? They are not just faceless people who buy our products and services, but also our everyday colleagues who we work with in the office, warehouse, factory and in the field. When they are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.

How do we serve People? This calls for an attitude of seeing others as more important than ourselves, understanding what they require and striving to meet their needs. It is about putting the interests of our Customers before our own. It requires a spirit of selflessness and servitude expressed in a dignified manner and begets a like response.

Take a look at some everyday object, or consider some service that has been rendered to you. Is it right for its purpose and does it meet your expectations? If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, that to us is Quality.

All of us have some feel of what constitutes good quality over and above technical specifications. At the heart of Quality is the knowledge that the goods and services that we produce must do what they are expected to when they are expected to do it.

We know that to maintain and improve Quality, we have to continually work at refining our processes and systems and never cutting corners. We undergo strict checks and certifications, and meet or even exceed quality standards to ensure that our products and services fulfil their intended purpose each and every time. We want to get it right, always.

To us, integrity means doing what we know to be right regardless of whether it can be seen by others. In other words, Integrity means to us never cheating, even if it can never be discovered.

This mindset is an inescapable part of our business and runs through our entire value chain, from research and development, manufacturing, warehousing, sales and marketing to final delivery of products and services.

It signifies that we value honesty and transparency in our dealings and there will be no compromise on standards, whether it be in operations or governance of the Group.

We recognise that everything we do in connection with our work at and for AHB should be judged by the highest standards of Integrity. This is not only practical but right.

A commitment to Integrity helps us hire decent people, deliver excellent products and services, and build an appreciative customer base. Mutual trust between us and our customers is the foundation of our business, and is something we must never take for granted.

Code of Conduct and Employee Handbooks
The company's subsidiaries have specific requirements dictated by their operating requirements and these are reflected in detailed Employee Handbooks, which build on the 3 Core Tenets and this Code of Conduct.

The Employee Handbooks detail how the Core Tenets and the Code of Conduct are to be applied in all situations of work, and how employees are expected to carry themselves as representatives of the AHB Group.