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The Corporate Group in Apex Healthcare Berhad provides the business support services for the operating units.

Besides finance, accounting, corporate secretarial, legal, human resource, insurance, property management, investors relations, the Corporate Group is responsible for managing the heritage business (retail pharmacy), trademarks and intellectual properties as well corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Heritage Business – Apex Retail Sdn Bhd


A five-decade heritage, a new beginning
In 1962, Apex Pharmacy established its first outlet in Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Melaka and later grew into a chain retail pharmacy with some 60 outlets in both Singapore and Malaysia. The first store in Melaka was retained within the Group to serve as a reminder of Apex’s heritage and the values upon which subsequent businesses were built. In 2005, Apex exited the retail pharmacy business, divesting all but one Apex Pharmacy Sdn Bhd’s outlet in Melaka to Watsons Personal Care Stores Sdn Bhd. Watsons was subsequently licensed to use “Apex Pharmacy” trademark for a period of 5 years which lapsed in end-May 2010.

With over five decades of brand loyalty, and considerable consumer recognition and goodwill towards the “Apex Pharmacy” trademark, Apex made a decision to re-venture into the retail pharmacy business with the opening of a new Apex Pharmacy outlet in City Square shopping complex, Johor Bahru on the 6th October 2010 after a 5 years hiatus. The new outlet, spanning over 1,420 square feet, is located on the Ground floor of the complex.

Strong partnerships, innovative business model
Apex Pharmacy will now operate under a new retail business model. Under this, Apex will have an equity joint-venture with the outlets’ pharmacists and key staff. The joint venture arrangement is to allow pharmacists to have business ownership, ensuring uninterrupted licensing and entrepreneurship.  The advantages of this arrangement are:

  • pharmacists and key staff have a direct stake in the success of the business,
  • the cost of setup is shared with a strong and reputable corporate partner, and
  • the business is backed-up by an established and strong brand name,  administrative support and financial strength.

The first such outlet was successfully opened Johor Bahru in 2010, is testament to this model’s strengths. Apex welcomes inquiries from pharmacists wishing to run their own pharmacies in partnership with Apex, the industry pioneer.

In 2017, Apex Pharmacy started its e-commerce pharmacy business to enhance consumer convenience, consumer access and consumer education. The Apex Pharmacy online platform aligns with the Core Values of the company by providing exemplary Service, unwavering Quality and Integrity in thought, word and deed; in meeting the needs of the consumers.


Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of the group comprises trademarks, service marks and the group’s logos, which have been applied to products and business operations. Many of these marks are of significant value as they have been established in the marketplace for many years. The oldest trademark owned by the Group is the AGNESIA mark, which was first registered as a trademark in 1921. To better protect and manage these marks, the Group has established a wholly owned subsidiary company in Singapore, Avex Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd, to own, manage and operate these marks.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group takes to heart the concept of corporate social responsibility, and supports a wide range of causes promoting social welfare, orphanages, schools, and medical outreach programs to indigenous people, diabetics as well as the mentally and physically disabled. For more information, please refer to the Corporate Social Responsibility section.