Apex Healthcare Berhad


Our Company

“We value honesty in our dealings and there is no compromise. Service is part of our DNA.”

What is our business?

Through manufacturing and distribution, Apex makes quality pharmaceutical and healthcare products available to valued customers via its comprehensive supply channels.

Since our establishment in 1962, our business has been focused on making pharmaceutical and healthcare products available to customers in the markets in which we operate, through manufacturing and distribution, and in a manner which fairly rewards all stakeholders. We know our business intimately and have a growing network of loyal customers; this will remain our business for the future. Our confidence in our business stems from a conscious decision to focus resources on our area of expertise, which enables us to increase our capabilities, efficiencies and understanding of underlying trends in the industry.


Why do we do what we do?

Restoring Health, Enhancing Life

Apex's mission is to bring health and quality of life to all through its businesses. Doctors and Pharmacists use our medicines and diagnostic devices to treat and manage infections, cardiovascular, metabolic, gastroenterological, rheumatic conditions and more.

Consumers use our medicated powder, nutritional supplements and other healthcare related products to enhance their state of well being. We take heart in knowing that our products play a role in the restoration of health and enhancement of life in those who use and trust them.


How do we go about our work?

Service, Quality and Integrity, always

From the very first customer in 1962, Apex has striven to provide an efficient, professional and responsive touch in our dealings with suppliers, healthcare professionals, customers and all whom we come across. Service is an integral value to Apex. We will continually refine our processes and systems in order to ensure stringent certification to meet and exceed all applicable quality standards throughout the Group.

The quest to improve Quality even further from already high levels is a never-ending journey. Integrity is an inescapable part of our business and runs through our value chain from research and development, manufacturing, warehousing, sales and marketing till final delivery. We value honesty in our dealings and there is no compromise.